A list of university-level courses which I have studied, in reverse chronological order.

Princeton University

First Year

  • ORF 522: Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
  • ORF 523: Convex and Conic Optimization
  • ORF 524: Statistical Theory and Methods
  • ORF 525: Statistical Foundations of Data Science
  • ORF 526: Probability Theory
  • ORF 527: Stochastic Calculus
  • ORF 569: Network Games and Mean Field Interactions

University of Oxford

Fourth Year

  • C8.1: Stochastic Differential Equations
  • C8.2: Stochastic Analysis and PDEs
  • SC2: Probability and Statistics for Network Analysis
  • SC4: Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning
  • SC6: Graphical Models
  • SC10: Algorithmic Foundations of Learning

Third Year

  • B1.2: Set Theory
  • B4.1: Functional Analysis I
  • B8.1: Martingales through Measure Theory
  • B8.2: Continuous Martingales and Stochastic Calculus
  • SB1a: Applied Statistics
  • SB1b: Computational Statistics
  • SB2a: Foundations of Statistical Inference
  • SB3a: Applied Probability

Second Year

  • A0: Linear Algebra
  • A1: Differential Equations I
  • A2: Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis
  • A3: Rings and Modules
  • A4: Integration
  • A5: Topology
  • A8: Probability
  • A9: Statistics
  • ASO: Short Options
    • Integral Transforms
    • Groups
    • Manifolds
    • Number Theory

First Year

  • I: Linear Algebra, Groups and Group Actions
  • II: Real Analysis
  • III: Probability, Statistics, Introductory Calculus and Data Analysis
  • IV: Geometry, Dynamics and Constructive Mathematics
  • V: Multivariable Calculus and Fourier Series
  • C: Computational Mathematics