I am a PhD candidate in the Operations Research & Financial Engineering department at Princeton University, where my research interests include mathematical statistics and probability theory. Currently I am working on statistical properties of series estimators and strong approximation theory with Matias Cattaneo.


Contact me by email at wgu2@princeton.edu with any questions! Other contact details are available here.


Originally from the UK, I obtained my MMath in Mathematics & Statistics from the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. I was supervised there by Mihai Cucuringu, and wrote my master’s dissertation on Motif-Based Spectral Clustering of Weighted Directed Networks. I am an alumnus of St John’s College.


I am an Assistant in Instruction for the Princeton Fall 2020 class ORF 363: Computing and Optimization, taught by Amir Ali Ahmadi.


I am an author of the motifcluster package for motif-based spectral clustering of weighted directed networks, available on GitHub for R and Python.